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Success is not final, failure in not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

Winston Churchill 


President's Message

Hello Everyone,

December.  I really don't know where the year has gone.  It seems just like yesterday that we just had Christmas.  Oh well, it is here again.  

Really not much to report at this time, everything is working good.  The Birthday Bash is almost completed.  The registration form will be sent out in the January Birthday Bash Newsletter, and it will also be on the website next month.  

Please remember to send in your 2017 membership dues to Heather sooner rather than later.  If you are thinking of joining, please go to the Membership page to download the application.  For those of don't want to download the form, it will be in the next Clarion.  

That's it for now folks, take care and wishing everyone a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

33, 73, & 88 as the case may be



At times we have had a lot of QRM on our 20M CLARA Net, which runs Tuesdays at 1700.  So if you can't find us on 14.120, please turn your dial to 14.123.  I am sure you will hear us as you get closer.  


It has come to our attention that many folks who need to send in a change of address or articles to share and don't know where to send it. So please go to the Contact Us page, and you will find your area reps along with their email address. Please forgive us for this oversight, Also, under QSL & Contests, please find our Net Frequencies and time. Note that all our CLARA nets run from September to the end of May.

Please Check out the Upcoming Event's Page. This will have upcoming events for the current month. This page will only work if everyone sends me the information.  


Happy Birthday to all our




So glad you are here, please take the time to look through our site. You are welcome to send articles or pictures to the webmaster.  We would love to hear from you