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2018 year of CONTINUOUS WAVE (CW)

store your mics for one day of the week. take out the key


Please click HERE for all the latest information, registration etc.  If you can go, it would be awesome to have a representation of CLARA YLs.

There is also a BLOG.  Please click HERE for Blog

Please go to the Upcoming Events Page for news of a great DXpedition 


President's Message

Hello Everyone,

Well, things are winding down for summer.  Many nets will soon be over until Sept.  The CLARA nets are finished until September as many of us are away, or making plans to be away and enjoy families.

We did not have great propagation this year, and I hope that come the fall that something happens and the band conditions improve.

CLARA is thinking about adding a few more modes on to the CHATTER Party.  We are still in discussion with a few people, but we may very well have IRLP, DStar and DMR for those of you who have the means to do so.  The exec is still trying to make up their minds.  If you have used DStar or DMR and think it is a good idea, would you please let me know anytime over the summer and early fall.  That way we can start getting things in order for the March Chatter Party.

That's it folks, nothing else to report at the moment, please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.

33, 73 & 88


Email the CLARA Exec This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or suggestions

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CLARA has a new Annual Certificate.  Please click HERE for more information. 

It has come to our attention that many folks who need to send in a change of address or articles to share and don't know where to send it. So please go to the Contact Us page, and you will find your area reps along with their email address. Please forgive us for this oversight, Also, under QSL & Contests, please find our Net Frequencies and time. Note that all our CLARA nets run from September to the end of May.

Please Check out the Upcoming Event's Page. This will have upcoming events for the current month. This page will only work if everyone sends me the information.  


Happy Birthday to all our


Mary, VE3FEB Letitia, VE1YE Truus, VE3MRS
Irene, VE3NVH Cheryl, NØWBV Karen, VA6KMR