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The End of an Era - Starting Over With Something New

(This article was written in the TCA by Cathy (sk))

When the Scarborough(ON) Amateur Radio Club held its annual banquet in April, 1965, the YLs present talked about the possibility of forming a Canadian YL Club.

After a foundation meeting in May, 1965, the Ontario Trilliums became a reality and the official name was most often shortened to "The TOTs."

During those years the TOTs were involved in several activities. In 1966, it was the NIBS (National Institute for the Blind Amateur Radio Club). The YLs and their OMs worked to help white caners get their stations on the air. Later, the Radio Society of Ontario took over the job.

The US Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) sponsored YL conventions, and it was thought it would be beneficial to hold one in Canada. In 1969, the Midwest YL Convention was held in Scarborough with the slogan: "Cross the Line in "69."

In 1971, Doreen VE3EUV, who was working at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, suggested the Trilliums should start a class for the veterans. Norm VE3ZH, who was president of the Metro Amateur Radio Club, was invited to a meeting to discuss such an undertaking.

The Metro club set up a station at the hospital, and classes were held. The shack call was VE3SBH (Sunnybrook Hospital) and they also formed their own club.

In 1975, the TOTs agreed to manage the VE3 QSL bureau and a job it was!. A committee was formed, with Jean VE3DGG (Darn Good Girl), as Bureau manager.

The Canadian National Exhibition has a "Ladies Day" each year and YLs operate station VE3CNE.

One year, we held an all YL Field Day at the burned out farmhouse with some horses. We put up our own antennas and set up our own stations. The horses got into our food supply.

Thelma VE3CLT and I worked as a team on one band for the full 24-hour period. She didn't think I could do it. Every time I got tired of operating I would do a headstand. She though I was crazy, but we're still on speaking terms, I think!

The TOT Net was popular for years and many social activities were held. Membership spread over many miles, but it seemed the hub of activity was always in the Great Toronto area

However, times are always changing and it's getting harder to get people to volunteer their times.

So, on June 25, 1995, 10 TOT members and 5 OMs gathered at the Guild Inn in Scarborough for a farewell luncheon. Ivy VE3IV (ex-VE3EZY), was the only founding member present.

This would be the last official meeting of The Ontario Trilliums, but they decided to continue as a social group: The Ontario Trillium Social Group plans are to meet once a year-definately the end of an era!

In 1967, Canada's Centennial year, a meeting was held to talk about a National YL Club. and after many a good laugh the name was decided upon as Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association. The acronym CLARA is widely used. Doris Cody VE3DDO was one of the founding members.