QSL Cards


Clara has a QSL card that you might like to print out.  If you print it out as it is, it comes out just right to print on cardstock.  Your's will not have the border around it.

Also, those of you who do a lot of DXing, you will know that you put their call-sign in the top right hand corner.  Those of you who just send to YLs in Canada and the US, I would just put their calls in the middle of the page on the QSO line.  Also I just put mine in envelopes and mail that that way.

This is just a picture of it, so you can see what it looks like. If you are sending it to an OM, you should stroke off the 33..after all, we girls should not go giving our hugs to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Right?




To print out your CLARA QSL card right click on the image above and save to your PC and print or to download in PDF format please click here.