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Everyone  Had a Great Time

Okay, I really hate to do this, but.  the food at the Birthday Bash was awesome.

For our Tuesday, July 18th supper buffet we had:

Baked Salmon with sweet chili & Lime sauce and Sliced Chicken in a white wine sauce with onions.  For veggies, we had baby carrots in a butter sauce and caramelized onions, and baby red potatoes with parmesan and herbs.  Honest can't remember the deserts.

For our Wednesday, July 19th supper buffet we had:

Four cheese Ravioli with rose sauce, and Slow Roasted Fresh herb crusted Alberta Inside Round Beef with peppercorn jus.  For veggies we had brown butter creamier potatoes and roasted root vegetables.  Again desert 

Of course there were the usual asst'd dinner rolls & butter.  California Mixed greens with asst'd dressings, coleslaw, potato salad, vegetable and Greek salad

Sorry no pictures of all that food.

On Thursday we were served:

To start was the Broccoli and & cheese bisque.  Oh how yummy.

Then came the salad.  Now I have eaten fancy banquets loads of time, but never in all my life have I ever seen a salad done this way.  So very novel. 


The Main course was Chicken Wellington, a tender chicken breast stuffed with a mushroom duxelles, wrapped in a puff pastry and baked to a golden brown.  Served with a mushroom marsala sauce.  Trust me folks, I really didn't know that chicken breasts grew that big.  It really did take up over half of the plate.  The veggies were baby red potatoes with Parmesan and hers, baby carrots and broccoli.

pièce de ré·sis·tance

Ok I am bias, I ordered a cake from Jeanne's Bakery – Famous Cakes With The Cookie Bottom .  Now I was supposed to go and pick it up after lunch, but my OM Harv, VE5AC went to visit a friend from his military days, and they picked up the cake.  Harv did try to say that he had spent all day baking the cake.  Nice try Harv, but no dice.

Pat, VE4PEH went and did the ordering of the cake for me, as they don't take email or phone orders.  Thanks to Pete, VE$PH for suggestion "50 Wonderful Years".

What can I say, the cake was everything I remembered having as a child each and every birthday.  I was lucky enough to have the staff save me a couple of pieces to bring home to Moose Jaw.  Being President does have it's perks.


These will be added shortly.  Sorry folks, just can't get everything done in one day - I do try.