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The Maple Leaf Forever


Our 2 quilts are wonderful.  Margaret, AE7MB did a beautiful job on putting them together.  We want to thank her so very much.

Our 2 winners were:  Suzanne VE7IM, and Dot, VK5DB.  We hope you both enjoy the quilts for a very long time.

 First off, here is the Quilt Book that our 2 winners received with their quilts.  I know this was supposed to be on a long time ago, but patience is the key.

It is in PDF format 

I want to thank all the lovely YLs who submitted their squares and also to those YLs who were so generous and made extra squares and sent them to me for some of the girls.  You are all so wonderful.

Please click HERE for the Quilt Book

Our Quilts were the highlight of the Birthday Bash

 Also had this lovely quilt made by Lois WB3EFQ