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Beautiful Display & Door Prizes


 Beautiful Flowers ~ 50 Red & 50 White Carnations  We had 4 big & beautiful balloons ~ no party
complete without balloons
 Our wonderful CLARA display, banner on loan from Ann, VE3HAI  Donation of door prizes

 We had so many donations for our tables that may of our YLs and OMs got more than 1 gift to take home.  Thank you to all those who donated, you are absolutely wonderful

 More Donations ~ 2 full tables  

 My thanks to Ann, VE3HAI for writing down all the winners for me.  

Door Prize Winners

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jeanne  VA7QD   Lost Maple Leaf 
John  KTØF  ICOM Mug 
Janet N9ZKU Bird Feeder
Margaret VA7VF Lois's Quilt

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Anne  VE3XAJ  150 Coin
Bobbie W1JX Snowbird T-shirt
David VA3UL Gauge Tool
Tony WA1ENO  Multi-meter
John VK2ZOI  Black Change bag
Anne KC9YL  Coin
Heather VE3HQH Pocket Flashlight
Diana VE7XYL  Antenna
Suzanne VE7IM  Afghan
Barb KA3VXR  Yaesu Mouse Pad
Harv VE5AC  Necklace (for Val)
Sarla VU2SWS Quilt 
Ann VE3HAI Evening Purse
Pat VE4PLG Teddy Box Surprise
Val VE5ACJ Leona Boyd CD
Margaret AE7MB Diary
Tom W3BZN Snowbird Cap & Pin
Helen VA1YL Radio World Gift Card
Cheryl NØWVB Photo Albums
Anne WB1ARU Pot Holder
Dot VK2DB Garden Flag
Pat VE4PEH Nivea Set
Lois WB3EFQ Quilted Place Mats
Pete VE4PH Hat
Mary VE3FEB Quilted Mat


Thursday, July 20, 2017

These will be added shortly.  Sorry folks, just can't get everything done in one day - I do try.