First Class CW Operator's Club Welcomes a CLARA Member

The First Class CW Operator's Club:"  has just welcomed Summer VE5SDH into their special group.

Summer says: yes it is really an honour to be accepted to the FOC.  Their website is

They started in 1938 and got more organized after World War 2 (some of that is on the history page).

I  had heard of them not to long after I got on the air in CW and was copying at a reasonable speed.  From reading the site I knew not to ask about being nominated but last July I worked VE3HX Alan in Ottawa and he then emailed me and asked if I knew about FOC and would I be interested if he nominated me.

Well yes I would! So he did after we'd had another QSO or two. Once you're nominated you need a minimum of 5 sponsors including the first one (VE3HX for me) and one HAS to come from the UK and one has to be from a DX country (I got 2 UK sponsors which is fine too) the rest of my sponsors were from North America.

You're not allowed to ask others to sponsor you and members shouldn't ask others to sponsor you either. Basically, it's up to each member if they think you would fit with the club.

I think the reason the membership is kept to a limit is so the members have a chance of getting to know each other. There aren't any other Canadian YLs.  A couple of US YLs, one I've had some QSOs with and she's super happy, another YL is in the club.

I'm the first VE5 member and may be the newest Ham to be accepted. Not sure about that. I was a Ham for 2 years and 7 months when I was accepted.

FOC promotes CW activity. Members are supposed to be active on the CW bands. A few of those guys actually heard me stumbling and fumbling around with my indoor dipole and my cautious code and slowed down and had real chats with me. They're good CW operators and friendly people. I'm glad they decided I fit in with them.

Any more questions? Ask away, there's nothing like CW if you want to pick that up again.

33 Summer