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40 M Net - 7.055 MHz

Tuesday - 1400 UTC Winter and 1500 UTC Summer - Sept-May
This Net will start on Sept 2nd

20 M Net - 14.120 Mhz

Tuesday - 1700 UTC - Sept-May
This Net will start on Sept 2nd

80 M East Net - 3.750 MHz

2400  UTC  (Winter) 2300 UTC  (Summer)  Sept-May (Net Control:  Roberta VA3RMW)
This Net will start on Sept 9th

YL Thursday Night Net

This net alternates between 40 M and 20 M each week. 0100UTC

40 M - 7.193 +/-

20 M - 14.288.0 +/-


Monday - 1500 UTC - 14.288 +/-
Rose-Marie KB4RM - Net Controller

Tangle Net

Thursday 1800 UTC - 14.297 +/-
Pat K7DUC - Net Controller

Nancy KC2ZY - Assistant Net Controller
This Net will start on Sept 13th


Hello Ladies!

We’d like to invite all YLs around the world to join us on a fantastic Echolink YL net that takes place every Thursday evening at 8pm Eastern Time or 0000UTC Summer and 0100UTC Winter via the ALARA Conference Node 286905.  If you happen to be in the North Metro Atlanta, Georgia area, you can also participate in the YL Net via RF on 145.470MHz (-) PL100Hz via the North Fulton Amateur Radio League Repeater. 

We encourage you to join us in the chat room during the net by opening any web browser on your computer to http://nfarl.dodropin.org or just click here. Just put in callsign-name in the top box and click Login and you’re in!  Topics range from ham radio tips, ham radio trivia, YL ham radio history, Echolink tips/training, ARES information, ham radio events, different logging methods, catching up with one another, etc. 

The net is hosted by several Net Control Stations that alternate:  Catherine KK4UBQ, Lori K4UPI, and Melanie KM4GQN.  We’d like to thank the Australian Ladies for the use of the ALARA Conference Server, North Fulton Amateur Radio League for their repeater usage, and the Young Ladies Radio League and other Metro Atlanta Area Clubs/Organizations for your ongoing support of this net. 

This net started back in October of 2014 in Metro Atlanta, GA and averages about 18 to 25 check-ins a week from all other the world including all over the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and Japan and the net is growing.  We’d love for you to be a part of it!  Please also invite all YLs that you know to join us too!  See you on the air!  

33, Catherine KK4UBQ

SKCC #13648 - Cat Secretary
North Fulton Amateur Radio League- NFARL 
District 4 Chairwoman Young Ladies Radio League- YLRL

The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller

Triple T Net

Every two weeks (next one Dec 14th)
2130 UTC Repeater Station *VE3TTT* (echolink)
or IRLP Node # 2400
Minnie VE3DBQ or Audrey VE1PK

The TTT net runs year round. We meet every second Wednesday at 21:30GMT, on the VE3TTT repeater. The next net will be Aug. 28th at 21:30 GMT. Join us when you can

YL Friendship Net (Australia)

1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month (next one Dec. 17th)
2100 UTC Conference Staion ALARA (echolink)
or IRLP Node # 9509

YL Downunder Net

4th Thursday of every month
0500 UTC VKEMCOMM (echolink)
or Conference station ALARA
or IRLP Node # 9509
Shirley VK5YL

222 Net

14.222 Mondays @ 0530 UTC (Sunday Evening in Canada)

If band conditiions are good and there is a net controller


Trans-Provincial Net


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