Used with permission of Heather Holland ZS6YE

Marthin/ZS5MJ, and his son Jesse/ZU5JDJ.  As operators we had Koos/zs5kdk, Willem/zr5zs and yours truly.  We worked on HF, 2 meters and echolink, we used our own callsigns with /jota and that worked well.   Echolink was great fun, admittedly it is not REAL really, but I’d arranged something with a few people in the Netherlands, and one with zs4ek/ve5ten in Saskatchewan,   That was a great success, no qrm, Hein.a south African who has not that long ago relocated to Canada and one who has got a great way with children. The things they asked him!    

We will definitely have a station next year, for Koos and Willem it was their first time, for me it was quite a few years ago since being involved.   The others slept at the scout hall, I could not see the point in a sleeping bag on a concrete floor with 25 kids running around, with my own very comfortable bed not even 2 kms away - my old bones, too.     33 from a very wet Howick. Marjoke, ZS5V

From: Anette Jacobs (ZR6D) 30/11/2016 - some club news from Magalies Amateur Radio club.  
During October 2016 we held a course in soldering.  Two YL's attended the course, myself ZR6D and our new YL and secretary  Irene Myburg ZS6IEA.  The course was very interesting. 
 During our AGM in September 2016 we asked the OM's to help the YL' s with antennas.  How to work out the length of the 20, 40 and 80 meters.  We are going to Kleinfontein on the 27th of November for our end of the year function during which the OM's will help us with the antennas.  I personally think that the OM's in our club are very keen to help the YL's providing that they are willing to learn.

From Mike of the Highway ARC who is encouraging YL's and Youth in Amateur Radio:-
 It is with much pride that I can say our new 13 year old club members and YLs' (identical twins) are making good use of the repeater. They are now well known in the club, and get a response every time they call - which as stated is often. They are like a breath of fresh air. Their confidence levels behind that PTT are a fine example to all. One cannot but wonder how this confidence, has impacted on their everyday interaction with their school peers.


The Highway Amateur Radio Club are  presenting a full blown Amateur Radio display, including high altitude balloon at Watercrest Mall   9th, 10th 11th December, only 30 minutes from Durban.
Kindest regards,  Mike ZS5MAB  more info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Topsy Scott ,  ZL2LS NZ 22 Nov 2016 
Hope this finds you well, we are all okay here in Nelson after the huge earthquake we had on the 14th November a 7.8.  Further down south did not survive so well only one life was lost to date.

We have our main trunk road (state highway) one from Blenheim to Christchurch which has been totally demolished and will take several months if not years to repair and that includes our main railway line as well  A very nerve wracking time it was. 33

During September Topsy ZL2LS stood as my (ZS5YH) sponsor to New Zealand's WARO  (Womens Amateur Radio Organization) and wondered how she might send me their badge? 

Fortunately Adele ZS5APT and her OM, who live only about 60 kms away from us,  were visiting New Zealand's South Island during October.  Although unfortunately too far away to meet-up in Nelson, Topsy then mailed the badge to Adele's next stop in Australia. 



I received the WARO badge at our November club meeting. Thank you Adele for acting as courier and Topsy for your patience - it would never have reached me otherwise.  
 Seasons's Greetings To All - See you in the New Year. (Editor Heather ZS5YH/ZS6YE)

New YL's - Congratulations to the following ladies who up-graded their licenses: ZS5EB to ZU5EM Emmy Coetzee, Botes;  ZS5WV to ZU5BB Birgit Eggers;  ZS1MDK to ZU1M Maria de Kock, 

Welcome to our 'new' ladies: Sonestie Janse van Rensburg ZS6SVR; Juanita Keating ZS2JBK;  Ilse Kutcher ZS1LY; Kimmy Nair, ZS5KIM;  Ilse Minnaar ZS6IJ;  Petronella  Oldewage  ZS6PMO;
Lida Roodt  ZR4TJ;  Valerie Wagner  ZS5VAL;
and to the new 'restricted' operators:
twins Ashleigh ZU5MP & Nicole ZU5NJ Jordaan; ZU6MC Maryna Coetzer, ZU6NF Nadia Fourie.
3 upgrades; 8 General ; 4 - ZU's (restricted class) 15 Yls out of 75 RAE passes  = 20%!
Well done ladies, hope you will make many new friends and QSO's


 Long cane rally



This morning we had a most amazing experience. We had been asked, ZS1ACD, Henk my husband, and myself (ZS1TOX) to do radio comms for the long cane rally, an event which takes place every second year, where blind people of all ages take part in a long walk.

This year it took place on Rondebosch common, where a tarred track runs right around the common an absolute beautiful venue which is used to the full by the Cape Town public. Four radio amateurs were placed on the corners to see to the safety of the participants. We  assisted  other volunteer marshals who called upon us to radio in emergencies or other assistance required from the organisers. For instance a number of elderly folk needed to be picked up through sheer exhaustion, by the medical team in their mini bus.

As always one is humbled to see how the blind folk cope. The young boys and girls even set quite a pace. Some more fortunate were led by their guide dogs. Others, some quite old, came past with their long canes swishing in front of them.
I was most impressed by the marshal closest to us, who greeted each participant by the number on their bib and talked them around the corner without being condescending, but with utmost respect.

We used hand-held radios and operated on 145 525, which worked quite well.
Two hours later it was all over, we went home with a song in our hearts, most satisfied
Margareta Toxopeus, ZS1TOX  14/10/2016

Pionierskool - Worcester, Western Cape The School for the Blind was established in 1881. October 15 is national White Cane Safety Day, which acknowledges the independence and skill of people with visual impairments who use a white cane to navigate.

Facebook: Die jaarlikse Long Cane Rally het vandag plaasgevind by Rondebosch Common en was 'n reuse sukses. Ons leerders het dit baie geniet en baie goed gevaar. Baie dankie aan al die onderwysers en leerders betrokke! Vir die meeste blindes en swaksiendes wat deelneem was dit 'n onbekende omgewing en terrein. En hulle doen dit meesterlik. Respek. Die marshalls en ander amptenare moes mooi konsentreer en sorg dat alles glad en veilig verloop.

Translation of the above:

The annual Long Cane Rally took place today at Rondebosch Common and was a huge success. Our students enjoyed it and did very well. Thank relevant to all teachers and students! For most blind and partially sighted participating it was a strange environment and terrain. And they do it masterfully. Respect. The Marshalls and other officials had to concentrate pretty and make sure everything is smooth and safe passage.


We welcome the following ladies to our community and congratulate them on successfully passing the RAE in May, 2016: ZS2DG Denise Gray, ZS2SD Sheena Dippenaar, ZS5BH Hester Joubert, ZS6IEA Irene Myburgh, ZS6RJB Rachel van den Berg, ZS6VJ Vironica Jansen, ZU6DV Dunnè Duveen.

Congratulations also to ZU5MAM Mary Ann Meyer, on her upgrade to ZS5MAM. 



SAWRC - South African Womens' Radio Club

Founded June 2, 1952 the only YL club in S hemisphere; it was affiliated to the SA Radio League.
Started with 33 members and by end of 1952 they had 71. The club was very active in the 1950's and 60's with over 120 YL members and even had its own magazine, "YL Beam", which regularly comprised of over 18 pages, and we even had a Christmas edition of 30 pages.


ZS2AA Iris Hayes President
ZS5KG Muriel Neill Vice-President
ZS6GH Diana Green Secretary
ZS6KK Marie Kramer Cormack Secretary

The only other YL club was YLRL (in USA) which is still surviving. (See

ZS2AA Iris Hayes Trophy for Good Fellowship.

First presented to Max Fisher ZS2DL in 1951 and is still in use. Last year (2015) it was presented to Andrew Middleton ZS2EL – son of the late George Middleton ZS2KG.

Iris Hayes was covered in Newsletter #20 May/June 2014, 'In Memory'

ZS6KK Marie Kramer Cormack (SK) 1949 licensed HF
SARL Call books show she lived in Bellevue East, Johannesburg 1950 - 1997

ZS6GH Diana Green (nee Tuck) DOB 22/04/1916. - SK 27/07/1997

  • 1938 licensed. 1st Jewish radio ham in South Africa. OM Reg Green, ZS6J 
  • 1948 YLRL President 
  • 1950-60 +- Joint sec. of SA Womens Radio Club ran it for 30 years or so until 1990 
  • 1982 President SAWRC Editor of "YL Beam". 
  • 1976 Jack Twine Award 
  • Editor of YL column Radio ZS; YL editor for SARL bulletin; bookkeeper and stamp collector. 
  • Travelled through Europe, Canada and U.S. resulting in many personal QSOs. 
  • The SARL Call book shows Diane Green as resident in Johannesburg from 1950-1997= 47 years   
  • February 1978 Radio ZS: Diana Green ZS6GH mentions that the SAWRC had been in existence for 30 years, and is in recess, until a Council can be raised in terms of the Constitution. 
  • Source: Irvine Green, ZS6BPE, 20.09.2001      “I am the son of Diana Green, ZS6GH, licenced in 1938 aged 22. She was born April 22, 1916. - My father was Reg Green, ZS6J, licenced 1933, age 22. - Mom went silent key July 27, 1997, and ZS6J died June 26 1993. - I got my licence on July 28, 1976, age 21. - My mom was the first Jewish radio ham in South Africa. - My mom started the SA Womens Radio Club and ran it for 30 years or so until 1990 (I think.) . - She kept in touch with Louisa Sando W5RZJ, Evelyn Scott, and many others, including Maxine Willis, W6UHA, and wrote for CQ magazine (Louisa's YL notes.) We, as a family, also did DX Expeditions to the 'homelands' in South Africa (H5ADX, H5ASC, V9ADX) between 1980 and 1989.

The History of the SA Woman’s Radio Club

by Dianna Green ZS6GH

Article August 1975 Radio ZS

The editor of Radio ZS has asked me to record the historical events of the first YL Club in Southern Hemisphere. At the time the South African Club was founded, the only other organization existing for women hams was the Young Ladies Radio League (YLRL) in the U.S.A. Since the ZS Club was formed, the Canadian, New Zealand, and Italian ladies have started their own organizations.

On the 2nd June, 1952, the S.A. Women’s Radio Club came into being, with Iris Hayes, ZS2AA, as Organizing President, Muriel Neill, ZS5KG, Vice-President, Marie Cormack,ZS6KK, and myself (ZS6GH), as organizing Secretaries, the subscription being the magnificent sum of 50 cents. On formation, 33 ladies joined and by the end of 1952, we had 71 members, consisting of YL hams and interested listeners.

Now we have approximately 160 in 17 countries. By the time the Club was formed, there were a good numbers of LYL’s (Licensed YL’s) in South Africa, Iris Hayes ZS2AA, having been the first woman to break into the man’s field in this country, closely followed by Vi Cruikshanks, ZS2BR. Among the other YL newcomers to ham radio were the late Laura Percival, ZS5DD, Meg Campling (Weightman), ZS5DF and myself. Not one of us had a ham in the background in those days, so we had to manage on our own.

As mentioned in a speech at a Cocktail Party held during the Pretoria Annual General Meeting this year, our subscriptions were raised to 75 cents in 1957, and not since! This will give the readers some food for thought! We will use up some of our reserves before increasing the membership.

To keep our members in touch, we produce a magazine called YL Beam, which is printed on a Duplicator we have nursed for 18 years, and before it came into our possession, it was a demonstration model! It has its idiosyncrasies and can be temperamental, but it produces excellent copy!

The magazine consists of 19 pages as a rule, but we have had up to 33 pages! Our covers always have an African theme, many having been drawn by members and artists. Toni Bauman, ZS6YL, is responsible for having done much of the artwork, before her illness, for which we are very grateful.

Quite a few Oms, who are of course not members, pay subscriptions to receive YL Beam. It is especially popular in the U.S.A. to encourage members to write articles and enroll new members, etc., Pat WOODLAND, ZS1MU presented the Club with a big Trophy, to be awarded to the YL who gains the most points in the Members Competition.

Our constitution provides that each Division holds office in rotation, but Division 6 has administered the affairs of the Club on sixteen occasions, with Division 5 relieving, but all Divisions have held office at one time or another.

Affiliation was granted to us by the S.A. Radio League at the A.G.M. in 1954 and we have had a pleasant association with the League all these years.

I wish to record that I have spent 16 years on Council, having been President for 12 years and Secretary on four occasions, in addition to being Editor of YL Beam innumerable times. Toni Bauman, ZS6YL, was Vice-President, for 9 years and Editor for 6 years. I want to thank her for her devoted service in the past.

To put the S.A. Woman’s Radio Club on the map, we have issued two Certificates, the W.A.Y.L. (Worked All YL), the rules being drafted in Division 1 with the help of Iris Hayes, ZS2AA, in 1955, and the K.K.K. (Key Keen Klub) being suggested by Gwen Smith, ZS6NQ (now ZS1NQ).

To obtain the W.A.Y.L. Certificate, hams must work 12 LYLs in Southern Africa south of the former Belgian Congo from the 2nd June, 1952, submitting QSLs and enclosing a remittance of 25 cents. For the K.K.K. Certificate, copies of Logs must be sent duly certified for 100 C.W. contacts, 500 or 1000, together with 50 cents. Contacts must be made from the 31st December, 1956 (midnight S.A.S.T.) Certificates are free to our members.

Thanks to the wonderful work done by Margery Snyman, ZS1RM, for 18 years and two other Custodians, our Certificates hang in the shacks of hams all round the world. We pay tribute to Margery for being so conscientious and publicizing our Club throughout the world. As from the 1st January, 1975, our new Custodian is Miss Susan Smith, ZS1SM, 3 Bournemouth Road, Muizenberg, Cape, 7945.
Our Club members participate in S.A. Radio League Contests and are awarded special Trophies by the S.A. Women’s Radio Club. These have been donated by Iris, ZS2AA, the late Eddie Yazbek, ZS4NQ, the late Edith Bennett, ZS6BD, and myself.

LYLs are asked to join our Nets every Wednesday at 2 p.m. on a frequency of approximately 7070 kHz.
Our members participate in WRR and quite a number have joined Hamnet. Those who have not registered are urged to do so now.

May I also express my appreciation to other members who have served in office in all the Divisions and to Divisional Secretaries for the news supplied for the magazine. If there was more space, I could list all the names! Without the support of our faithful members, there would be no S.A.W.R.C., so THREE HEARTY CHEERS to the gals for they are JOLLY GOOD LYLs and MYLs (married Yls).

Below are some extracts, together with observations by Pam Momberg ZS6APT,Chairman/Treasurer of the Centurion ARC.

February 1978 Radio ZS:

  • Council for 1978, Congratulations to the following who have been elected :- 
  • President – Mrs Elizabeth Wessesl. ZS6AMO 
  • Vice President – Mrs Rhona Schoeman. ZS6BRF 
  • Hon Secretary – Mrs. Pam Momberg ZS6APT 
  • We were in office for a number of years, with Kuki de Beer ZS6AMO joining us. She was responsible for the graphics in the YL Beam. At that stage Liz and I were co-editors. 
  • (Interesting fact – Liz, Rhona and Pam passed the RAE together in 1975. Each getting allocated a ZR Licence. Liz and I (Pam) went on to get our ZS licenses six weeks later in 1976. Unfortunately Liz has let her license lapse and I lost touch with Rhona some time ago when she moved down to Cape Town. I notice that she also no longer has a license.) 
  • In the October 1985 Radio ZS I noticed the following: 
  • Glynis Johnson ZR1GW had been writing a YL column for the Radio ZS on a regular basis.

ZS5KG (ZSL5L) Muriel Neill (SK)

  • 1950 YLRL President
  • 1952  Vice-President  SAWRC (SA Womens Radio Club) founder member 
  • 1965   Jack Twine Merit Award   1972 Willy Wilson Gold Badge 

SARL Call books show Mrs. Muriel Neill, lived in Durban, Natal. /50- 80 =30 yrs

From: ZS5LP Louis de Bruin , 1 JAN 2016:

I joined the SARL in October 1958, fees 75 cents, the secretary of the Durban Branch of the SARL at the time was Muriel ZS5KG. Her OM Albert ZS5GK was the treasurer of the Branch.

Muriel was a wonderful YL, and at the time guided me to obtain my licence a few years later. In fact I delayed doing the CW, but dear Muriel made an appointment with Peter Smoog, the RI and forced me to go. I was grateful as I passed.

Muriel biggest happiness was the Kiddies Christmas tree event every year. During the year she would find all sorts of items - for presents - and organize the event. A large Christmas tree and one or other of the old timers would be dressed up as Father Christmas, his responsibility would be handing out the numerous presents. these events would be at a Shell-hole if possible, otherwise she arranged one or other Church hall. At the time we had almost 50 plus juniors and she knew them all by name etc

In 1969 I became a committee member of the Durban Branch, Muriel loved that and encouraged my every activity. 1971, I became Chairman and a few years later Muriel retired as Secretary. Muriel was the CQ NEWS LETTER Editor up to the time she retired from admin activities. In AGM photos up to the middle seventies, you will see Muriel and Albert.