CLARA Organization is Women Promoting Women

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Many thanks to Ken, VE5KC for this cartoon

The purpose of our organization is to encourage and promote proficiency and fellowship among Canadian Lady Amateur Radio operators, and to further a good relationship between all radio amateurs and the general public.

CLARA supports regular on-the-air activity, involving members, and also other amateur operators who wish to participate and other YL organizations.

In May, 1965, the Ontario Trilliums became a reality and the official name was most often shortened to " TOTs."

In 1967, Canada's Centennial year, a meeting was held to talk about a National YL Club. and after many a good laugh the name was decided upon as Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association. The acronym CLARA is widely used. Doris Cody, VE3DDO was one of the founding members.

We have come a long ways girls, from a small group of women to now having members from around the world join our CLARA family.  We welcome everyone and urge YLs to join us from far and wide and here at home.


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