On this page, you will find all of our gals in CLARA,  those from afar and those close to home, our Silent Keys, our Special Girls of the Month as well as how to join our family of YL Amateur Radio Operators.

2021 Memberships

are Now Due

We Would Love to Have You Join Us

Our membership dues are only $12.ØØ a year.  We have also had more join.  We are always looking for more girls.

Some of our gals are getting on and not as active as they used to be, but are still valued members of this organization.

Please click here to download the PFD  This form is now type-able on line, and then print out.  Make sure you fill in all information that is required.  You will have to print out 2 if you want one for your record.

Please click here  to download the Renewal Form.  This too is type-able on line.

The Gang

CLARA members are also involved in many other activities, some of which are listed below

Field Day weekend – 4th Saturday / Sunday of June every year
Girl Guides on the air (GOTA) – the 3rd full weekend in February
Assisting with Emergency Measures Services (EMS) when necessary
Welcoming other YLs from around the world into CLARA
Assisting with the CNIB Amateur Radio Program
Making new friendships through amateur radio

We publish a very informative newsletter, the “CLARION” that is available quarterly and can be received either via email or postal service.

Girl Scout Operator
Young Lady Operator