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Hello All Amateurs and  Clubs,

It is time to ask for your help, putting this Special Event Call on the air. VE80LAN joins with GB80LAN & VK80LAN to celebrate the 80Th Anniversary of the first Sortie out of Great Britain for WWII.

You can check out what is happening on, looking up the 3 calls. The 3 Allies that made the Lancaster for the War effort, are doing this Special Event. The Operators from the Radio Room VA3CWM are arranging this with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, that has the only flying Lancaster in North America, is sponsoring our effort in Canada.

So I am looking for Volunteers to put our VE80LAN on the air for the month of March 2022. Pick a time that you or your Club can do this for us. I am suggesting a weekend or a day for any Club to get their members involved and maybe a day or 8 hour time slot for any individual Hams that want to help out. I am expecting great support from our Radio Room volunteers from the Warplane Heritage Museum as well.

 If anyone is interested in operating,

we prefer a Club take a day or two and has a coordinator who send me the adi, cabrillo, so I can keep our log up to

date.  Single operators are welcome too, contact me via email of what time slot they would like, and I will get back to them

Please let me know when you or your Club is available.

Please email me at email below (HERE) or to give me your choice of time to help out. We will try to accommodate everyone and then make up a schedule for the month of March. Read details on QRZ for the times the other stations are on, so that you can work them as well.

Thanks for your consideration, 73 Rick VE3B.  For more information please contact Rick HERE


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IOTA activation from India

Please click HERE for more information

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February 15  & 20, 2022

For more information for GOTA, please press HERE

For Thinking Day Australian Girl Guides will be operating an amateur radio station on the ALARA Echolink conference station (Node 286905) from 2200 UTC to 2400 UTC on Saturday 20th February 2021. It would be appreciated if you could publicise this amongst your members.

thanking you kindly
33, Norma
Girl Guide leader from Australia

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Chatter Party

March 15th and March 19th

Please click HERE for theRules

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YL/OM  Contest


1400 UTC February 12 to 0200 UTC February.Please click HERE for more information