Chatter Party

Date for Chatter Party is

is cancelled until next year.


Please click here for the contest log sheets.

Please click here in order to print out a copy of the log which you must fill in by hand.

This year we continue with computer contacts with regular scoring using either Echolink or CQ100.

Contest days are: Tuesday, March 17th and Saturday March 21st for 24 hours.
This is after the daylight savings time change.

A)  17:00--- Zulu in Canada is
b)  2:30 pm--- Newfoundland
c)  2:00 pm--- Atlantic Daylight Time, NB, NS, PEI
d)  1:00 pm--- Eastern Daylight Time, ON,QC
e)  12:00 noon--- Central Daylight Time, MB
f)  11.00 am--- All year in SK.
g)  11:00 am--- Mountain Daylight Time, AB, BC
h)  10:00 am--- Pacific Daylight Time, BC


1. WARC (World Amateur Radio Conference) does not allow 12, 17, 30 meters for contesting.

2.  TIME:

a)  15 March 1700Z to 16 March 1700Z and or
b)  19 March 1700Z to 20 March 1700Z
c)  Total hours must equal 24 hours.
(A person can use the 24 hours on the Tuesday, or the 24 hours on the Saturday, or they can split the hours over the 2 days with a total of only 24 hours.)

3.  Suggested Frequencies:

a)  CW: 14.033, 21. 033, 7.033, 3.688
b)  Phone: 28.300, 21.255, 14.120, 14.288, 7.033-7.200, 3.750, 3.900.
Work CLARA and YL stations once per band/mode in a 24 hour period.

4.  Cross mode contacts count as phone for both stations.

5.  Categories: Single operator only for logged scores; However, have those family members beside you for family points!  (No time limits per contact).

6.  Exchange: Signal Report, Name, Call Sign, Province/State/DX country.

Log must show: Signal Report, Date, Time, Mode, Band, Name, Call Sign, QTH (see above ) and note QSO points.

7. QSO points are:

a)  CLARA member: 10 points
b)  CLARA family member 5 points
c)  Non Member YL; 5 points
e)  OM;1 point.

8.  Multipliers:

a)  VE/VA provinces/territories with anyone, OM or YL,& 13 Canadian multipliers
b)  DXCC entries (only if QSO is with YL).
c)  US state if with a YL OP.
d)  on each band & mode.

9.  Total Scoree is QSO points (times) x total number of multipliers.

10. Note Low Power OR High Power.    Low power is 200 watts or less!

Computer Contacts Rules: same as HF on Echolink or CQ100 (try frequency 14.120) CQ100, like Echolink, is only obtained with proof of license. ( ) for three months free trial). Only operations that require proof of amateur radio status accepted.

Logs are due April 15, 2022

Please send your logs to:

Helen Archibald, VA1YL
Canada, BØP 1TØ

or email to: Helen
Please put in Subject Line:  Chatter Party Log

Chatter Party