DMR Project

YLs who aren' t on the network yet, are requested to register in order to obtain their DMR-MARC ID ( Then get a communication unit, either VHF or UHF, according to the DMR repeater network in the vicinity. One who don't have access to a repeater, may use a DV unit, which is hooked to a local router. Be aware that there is equipment which is not fully compatible with the standards. In case of doubt consult the experts, or you drop me a line.

Join the TG by pressing momentary on your PTT. Now you are hooked to the TG for the next 15 minutes, and can listen to all the traffic, and break in. Hot Spots can be arrange to be static, and listen constantly on the TG.

For more information, please contact:
Dvora 4X4NW


This powerpoint is presented by Michelle, W5MQC ~~ DMRYLRL