This award was created in 1999 from the Doris Cody Estate

The amount of $150.00 was given to CLARA by the estate and it was thought that this amount would take care of six Awards up to and including the year 2004. With the Doris Cody Memorial Award fund from the estate of Doris Cody expiring in 2004, it was approved by the Executive of CLARA that the Memorial continue for another five years, commencing in the year 2005. The award ended in the 2010 year.

Because of the lack of entrants it was decided that 2010 would be the last year for the award and not be carried on any further.

Final Year 2010

In memory of Doris Cody VE3BBQ who became a silent key on January 12, 1999, CLARA established an Achievement Award. Doris was a dedicated amateur and the following is a profile of her activities.

  • 1965 - The Ontario Trilliums was formed and Doris was a founding member. She and other yls along with their OMs worked hard to get the YL Club going. For many years Doris was their Treasurer
  • 1970-1972 was President of the Trilliums. She also served as Treasurer of the Trilliums QSL bureau.
  • 1967 - A national club for Canadian yls, CLARA, was formed and Doris was one of the founding members.
  • 1969 - Doris organized the first Canadian YL Conference, held in Toronto. It was a great success and many YLs from the U.S. were in attendance.

Other worthwhile projects she participated in were working at the radio booth at the CNE on behalf of the Ontario Trillums and gathering prizes and gifts for the annual Christmas party for patients at the Queen Elizabeth hospital. Doris always encouraged new yls to forget their mike shyness especially the visually impaired and the physically handicapped. Doris's OM, now silent key, was Steve VE3BBC.

To qualify for this Award CLARA members must be nominated by either a friend, relative or fellow ham. As the CLARA Executive no longer choose the award recipient, CLARA Executive members are eligible to be nominated. Unsuccessful nominations may be resubmitted the following year. Winners are not eligible for further nomination for the same or similar achievements.

A detailed summary of the nominees activities, past and current, should list a significant contribution in any aspect of Amateur Radio, e.g. personal achievement as a CLARA member, DX-pedition, GOTA, Emergency participation, or contests.

Winners of the Doris Cody Award

2010 - Leona, VE5ONY
2009 - No submissions
2008 - Merle, VE1VCI
2007 - Helen, VA1YL
2006 - Ann, VE3HAI
2005 - Audrey, VE1PK
2004 - Elizabeth, VE7TLK
2003 - Cathy, VE3GJH
2002 - Jeanne, VA3WX
2001 - Minnie, VE3DBQ
2000 - Thelma, VE3CLT
1999 - Bubbles, VE4ST