Raija joined ALARA in 1989 and was sponsored by Bev VK6DE. Many members who attended ALARA Meets from 1996 onwards would have met Raija, as she attended the ALARA Meets in Perth in 1996, (which Bev organised), Brisbane in 1999, Murray Bridge in 2002 and Mildura in 2005.

She was one of the founding members of SYLRA, the Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Association. SYLRA (pronounced Silra) was formed by YLs from all the Scandinavian countries because they felt that there were too few ladies to form separate groups in their own country.

We believe that she may also have been instrumental in starting the YL International Meets, which saw YLs travel to places in many parts of the world for the Meets.

In 2011 one was held in Glenelg, South Australia, and following it, many of the participants travelled on the Ghan train to Alice Springs and Darwin.

Raija, was a quiet person who hated having her photo taken, but had a great sense of humour when you got to know her. She was also very hospitable, as many YLs found when they went to visit her in Sweden.

Marilyn VK5DMS remembers….“Many memories of Raija at several meets and meeting her in Stockholm in 2007 and being taken by train to her apartment for a meal – a wonderful evening.”

Our President, Shirley VK5YL, shares this memory…“Fond memories of a wonderful lady. I met Raija at the Mildura Meet and remember well the ‘hurry up’ when the storm was arriving along the river. I motioned to Raija for her to go first and she fair ran up those stairs. She told me afterwards that she did lots of walking/running, etc in Sweden and the stairs were so easy for her. We then shared some bubbly at the winery”.

Farewell Raija SMØHNK (Thanks Jenny VK3WQ for putting this article together)