1. Available to all licensed amateur radio operators (YLs and OMs).
2. Have QSOs with 15 grandmothers and collect the following information for each --Date of QSO, Time, band, call-sign, name and number of grandchildren.
3. Great-grandchildren DO NOT count for this award (you will understand why later).
4. "Grandchildren" refer to children of your children. Your children and grandchildren can be related biologically, adopted, foster and step children and/or grandchildren. They cannot be the neighbor's children who call you grandma and are not related in any way.
5. Send your log to the YLRL Certificate Manager either by e-mail, or snail mail to receive your certificate. The certificate will be returned by the same method used to send the log, unless you specify a different method.
6. After receiving your Grandmother Award Certificate, you can continue to the next award.
7. If you mail your log in or want a certificate mailed to you, please enclose at least 4 first class US postage stamps. If you live in a DX country and cannot get US stamps, the stamps are not necessary.